Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wet Smoker file cabinet

When I disassembled the file cabinet I discovered that the drawer bearings were plastic.
I tested the plastic bearings in my commercial oven and discovered they would only withstand less than 300 degrees F before melting so, I removed all the plastic components from inside the cabinet.
 I drilled out the old rivets that held all 32 plastic bearings and removed them.

Then replaced the old plastic bearings with new steel rivets acting as an axle and steel washers becoming the new drawer bearings.

New steel drawer bearing made from simple 3/16 X 5/16 steel rivet and 3/16 X 1" steel fender washers.

Completed heat resistant chassis for drawers

Finished cabinet with new steel heat resistant bearings that works fantastic! Ready for the next step of conversion to wet smoker- stay tuned!

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