Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OK Guys & Dolls, here's the latest on the wet smoker

Here's an old pair of drag bars from my Panhead with a simple black riser and two sets of solo seat springs. I'm gonna add the bars to the top back so it will be easy to move around and use the springs for the drawer handles like a wood stove. They'll act like a heat sink and keep the handles from getting "too hot to handle"! Ha, ha~

This is what the drawers look like after I cut out the bottoms so the smoke can travel all the way through the cabinet.

Notice the perfectly fitting wire grates I received in the mail all the way from Canada from Pauline compliments to her Mother!
Thank you both for such a nice gift and for allowing me to recycle some of your old stove. Don't you wish the rest of the world could get along and do something as simple and productive as we just did?

I had an old walker left over from when I had my hip replaced a few years ago and thought it could make a good contribution to this project. Here you can see that I mounted the wheels in back giving the cabinet a couple inches of ground clearance that I'll need later for circulation when I install the Gas burner.

simple 1/4"axle for walker wheels.

These are the front legs of the walker. I measured the necessary length and used a tubing cutter to cut them perfectly square.

I used a large uni-bit to drill out the cabinet bottom then slid the legs through and secured them with tech screws inside to both sides of the cabinet so the screws wouldn't be visible and creates a really strong leg and helps keep the cabinet stable for a long time

This is how she looks so far. Nice and stable and rolls around great!

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  1. Wonderfully innovative! Love the process