Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi again all you hungry hombres`! This is me in front of my next project. So- back to the wet smoker.

It took me a while to find the material I wanted, but after careful investigation of the back of several big box stores I managed to liberate some discarded shelves and a smashed shopping cart. 

Made a "grate" heat shield and work surface

 Igniters are pretty finicky so I covered all the ignition wires with shrink tubing to help prevent arcing, and with 50,000 volts it ain't easy! Next it was covered again with a heat resistant wire loom. 
Wires and copper lines go through small channel.
This is fitting the burner and igniter under the bottom drawer.

I test drove the system before final assembly to make sure the burner, igniter and control would have enough volume to generate enough heat through the bottom drawer and still be able to burn the hickory chips and gently boil the liquid to create steam.

As it turned out I needed to increase the jet size to achieve between 250 & 300 degrees. 

I couldn't decide where to put the controls so I ended up making this little dash board and putting them where they made the most sense at eye level.

I really wanted the thermostat on the dash but none have flexible probes unless I used an electronic one so I just put it in the top drawer to get the most accurate information. The top of the wet smoker is the hottest area and closer to the bottom is the cooler area.

This is how it works in miniature just for test driving purposes! Ha, The wet chips go on the bottom and the liquid goes on top. As the wood heats up and smokes the liquid just barely boils releasing steam from whatever you put in it (like apple cider) MMMMM---
This is it's profile how it looks before painting.
I think I'll cook some swordfish on it tonight for my dinner, then I have to take it all apart tomorrow (or next week) and start on the paint. 

Here it is in action! Yum, Yum, Yum I can't hardly wait! See ya soon, Adios~JG


  1. This is simply Amazing! Such an Inspiration. Caught my eye and just kept looking. It is interesting how men think, the level of efficiency, utilitarianism , fascinating! Do keep posting, this is wonderful to see. Sincerely, Sharon

  2. i bet all that paint taste yummy...just askin?

  3. i bet all that paint taste yummy...just askin?

  4. I built a 8 hour fire in mine an than I started to turn it into a smoker.. No paint an no paint taste.... Yep, my diy smoker is great...

  5. My coworker found this today as I had just shown him our work in progress. The side rack is amazing! We have to figure out how to make one of you didn't take the paint off before using? We have a few things to do - namely, removing the plastic castors from the runners from three of the 4 doors. I really want to compete in a competition next year and use this eccentric, unique smoker.