Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ta-Da! ok cool cats, I finished the paint & detail yesterday so scroll on down and take a look at the finished product!

I looked all over trying to find "stove handles" without luck,  to keep the handles from getting so hot you couldn't grab them without mitts on so I finally decided to just make them out of some stainless steel tubing I had.
Here's how they turned out. I also extended the mounting brackets to accommodate your fingers. They have a really nice feel and work great.
This old nursery shelf and busted shopping cart made a pretty nice heat shield and handy shelf for maybe a big pot of BBQ sauce???

Let me know what you think of the art work? It has a dual purpose. It's also the heat shield for this side.

These drag bars are perfect for rolling the unit around. I still need to find a pair of grips. Anyone got an old pair?

I didn't add a mount for the propane tank because it will actually fit inside one of the drawers. It makes a smaller profile that way and saves some space for something else. (hopefully just as useful)

I put the thermostat at the top of the top drawer because this is the hottest place and easiest to read. Once the whole thing is heated up to around 225-250 for wet smoking you don't have to do anything but check on the wood chips and liquid periodically and replenish when needed. The hard part is waiting for it while you can smell it cooking! I hope you like it. This was a lot of fun and a little challenging at times. I can't wait to put it to use, and on to the next one!

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