Friday, July 27, 2012

This is the finished Airstream & before horse trailer that had been rolled

Here's me in the Airstream after I finished the stone work and stove.

I rescued this old horse trailer from the dump. It had been rolled and was buried on a farm for over 30 years, so of course I drug it home!

This how it looks after a long weekend. I also added a little tailgate that has hidden ramps that extend out for loading Motocycles or ATV's or anything you want. I painted it to match my 100 year anniversary H-D Road King.

This is the inside of the 67' Airstream.

The Airstream is solar powered and completely self sustained so no need to plug it in anywhere. The stove is a "coach stove" from the mid 1800 from the caboose of a train. I took a year searching for it and it works perfectly! The desk pulls out and converts to a full size bed and you can see I rescued a crashed shopping cart for the wood crib and 40's art deco lights that have all been converted to LED & low voltage compact fluorescents. I made the cabinets from maple and butcher block white oak that was a work bench. The sink is a recycled bar sink and fixtures from Stardust recycling. I installed a full size shower pan (I'm a big man) and made the shower rod by heating and bending PVC. The cook stove is portable and I put gas cocks on both sides so I can set up a kitchen out doors in nice weather on either side and the refrigerator is low or high voltage and doubles as a solar deep freezer.

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